Protea Pincushion Flowers

Protea Pincushion flower arrangement -

The Pincushion Protea flower (formally known as Leucospermum) is a sight for sore eyes. The contrast of the Pincushion's soft ribbons and pointy 'pins' makes for a pretty stunning stem. Varieties are available in orange, coral, pink, red, yellow and everything in between. 

Since this is a flower that isn't afraid to make a statement, I love buying it for arrangements. You can mix the Pincushion Protea with softer flowers, or simply let them stand alone.

I chose to go both ways after a recent purchase. I pulled out my favorite Heath Ceramics bulb vase in "cool lava" and added a few sprigs of green Hypericum Berry with two Protea Pincushions. For my remaining flower, I used a white single stem vase. 

If you're in the market for Protea Pincushions, try a nearby Whole Foods. Happy hunting!